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CBSR Meet & Greet, featuring Kumi Rauf

photo of Kumi Rauf
Meet the CBSR's new director and postdoc, and learn from UCSB alum Kumi Rauf
Friday, November 2, 2018
UCSB Center for Black Studies Reseach, 4603 South Hall

Students! You are cordially invited to meet Dr. Sharon Tettegah, new director of the Center for Black Studies Research, as well as Dr. Funlayo Wood, postdoctoral scholar.

The event will feature a talk by UCSB alum Kumi Rauf, founder of "I Love Being Black," titled "Surviving University, Thriving Afterward, and Retaining Your Blackness," followed by Q&A.

Kumi Rauf will discuss tips on studying and destressing, what's possible post-graduation, the necessity for unity, and words of encouragement.


Rosa Pinter, CBSR business officer, or 805-893-3914