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EVENT CANCELED "Conquer or Die: Frederick Douglass and Hidden Histories of Transatlantic Black Abolition"

Sepia drawing of Frederick Douglass, dated 1853
Dr. Celeste-Marie Bernier discusses radical Black abolitionists in Scotland
UCSB MultiCultural Center Lounge


Dr. Bernier (University of Edinburgh) tells the story of radical Black abolitionists living and working in Scotland in the nineteenth century. She maps the experiences not only of Frederick Douglass, who was appointed as Scotland’s “New Antislavery Agent,” but of many more African American campaigners who collaborated with British antislavery organizations, including Harriet Tubman, Josiah Henson, Amanda Smith, and Samuel Ringgold Ward. A hidden history of Black transatlantic radicalism, they a shared a lifelong determination to “conquer or die” in the fight to end slavery by any and every means necessary. 
This lecture is presented in conjunction with the exhibition "Strike for Freedom: Slavery, Civil War and the Frederick Douglass Family in the Walter O. and Linda Evans Collection" curated by Dr. Bernier and on display in the MultiCultural Center Lounge from Feb. 1 to March 22nd.

The exhibition opening reception will be held on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 6 pm in the MultiCultural Center Lounge.
Lecture presented by the UCSB Center for Black Studies Research, the Departments of Black Studies, Asian American Studies, and Global Studies, & the MultiCultural Center.
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